The interest you receive is income, and income tax is payable on that interest unless your bonds are held in an Innovative Finance ISA. Please note that tax is generally not deducted from the income generated by your bonds and so you must declare all income received to HMRC annually.  You will be able to see the amount of interest that your various bond investments have generated during each tax year on the website.  The capital you advance will simply be returned to you at the end of the bond. This will not be a capital gain, and will not be subject to Capital Gains Tax.

Any shares you buy through the platform may well be qualifying investments for SEIS or EIS. Please see the FAQ’s in regard to these types of investment. Shares purchased outside of a specific tax scheme, when sold, normally attract Capital Gains Tax, however this is very specific to your personal circumstances.   In both cases if you have further questions regarding the tax implications of investing we recommend you seek specialist tax advice from a suitably qualified person.
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