There are lots of steps both you and us should consider to mitigate risk when investing;
Diversification – by investing in multiple offers, you are investing in multiple businesses rather than just one.
Moderation – we would recommend you only invest (subject to your agreement of not more than 10% of your investable wealth) sums you can afford to loose. No investment is ever guaranteed on our platform.
Security – often we ask companies to pledge a charge over assets within their offers by way of a charge over property or debentures on the business. This means you can often be repaid some or all of your capital ahead of other creditors in the event of default.
Security trustee – in certain instances we will insist on a security trustee for bond issues to be engaged. It is their sole role to protect the interests of the bond investors.
Vetting process and on-going due diligence – we have an experienced team who assess all the offers on our site. This is comprehensive and looks at the experience of the company, the security and viability of projects and the background of the business. We tend to favour established businesses and those with good covenants,.
Research – we provide a lot of information on the offers on our platform, take the time to read it and carry out your own independent analysis of the information presented to you.
Advice – if you are in any doubt as to the appropriateness or suitability of this form of investing for you then seek the advice of a regulated financial adviser in the UK.
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